About Crossover Creative

Crossover Creative is a brand marketing consultant that is focused on defining what the brand of a business stands for to achieve distinction in the marketplace. The key is recognizing its value, purpose and strengths in establishing a foundation for developing brand preference and brand relationships. It's called finding undeniable appeal.

With a history of major global brand experience from NY and CA in every major category of business, Crossover Creative takes a company's product to the next level for its brand recognition in the marketplace to be competitive. The mission is to help people by providing brand support for their business in meeting objectives for growth and success.

Client Experience

Key People

Who seek to find the undeniable appeal of companies and their brands.

  • Steve Climons

    Chief Brand Developer

    Steve is the founder and leader of Crossover Creative and a Bay Area native who graduated from the California College of the Arts in Oakland and worked on Madison Avenue in New York. His major brand experience is varied and distinguished on accounts from British Airways, Smirnoff, P&G, General Mills, Chase Manhattan Bank and Hanes to GM, Ortega, Olympus Cameras, Citibank and Sony.

    This led to his ability to start his own agency back in California. Here his brand experience has included from Hamilton Savings, Quik Stop Markets, Chili's Restaurants, Pacific Bell, San Francisco Examiner, Wells Fargo to Union Bank, Pacific Gas& Electric, McDonald's and Safeway. This also included successful government work with two local police department recruitment campaigns and two statewide campaigns for CHP and Tobacco Control Services in California.

    His diverse brand experience in every major category of business represents a quality understanding of how marketing and advertising works best for the most successful corporations. This is a key factor for his ability to recognize undeniable appeal in brand work.

  • Sharyn O'Keefe

    Director of Business Development

    Sharyn was born and raised in the SF Bay Area. She began her career in sales and customer support as the legal account representative for Exxon Office Systems. She furthered her legal experience by becoming the in-house office automation specialist at one of the largest law firms in San Francisco. Looking to become more in touch with her creative side, while utilizing her skills understanding people's needs and concerns especially in finding their undeniable appeal, she consults for Crossover Creative as the Director of Business Development. Sharyn is also a professionally trained interior redesign and home staging specialist and enjoys decorating and rearranging people's spaces. In addition she has worked as an event planner at UC Berkeley and loves to throw a good party!

incapable of being denied the power or ability to attract, interest, amuse, or stimulate the mind or emotions for a purpose


Finding undeniable appeal in a company's brand offerings for people is distilling what they care about and cannot deny.

Crossover Creative utilizes partner resources that are assets for what's possible and advantageous in developing successful marketing campaigns. These assets are selected based on delivering results.

Marketing Communications Strategy
and Brand Positioning

Behind every company or organization's product there is an offering that has to stand out and represent its brand. Having a strategy as a guide to communicate this as well as a position for your brand to take in the marketplace is critical to compete and grow.

Creative Development and Execution

This is where the strategy and positioning is utilized to develop messaging and content that has undeniable appeal in any form of marketing material. This includes all forms of marketing outreach from brand product naming, collateral design (logo, packaging, brochures) to websites, digital ads, video, apps and traditional advertising.

Media Strategy and Digital Executions

Utilizing the right media channels is critical to reach people in today's fragmented and digital marketplace. The focus is making sure your digital and traditional marketing campaign execution connects with people.

Video Production

Videos are created based on key objectives in developing stories that make a point to be socially engaging and supportive of a company or organization's product, brand or service value.


This is the end product in finding undeniable appeal. It is where messaging and content are incapable of being denied the ability to attract, interest, amuse and stimulate the mind or emotions for a purpose.


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